The Goal of Everyday Strongman Strength Training is to provide a unique and effective system to gain raw strength through the use of Strongman implements and power lifting movements. The purpose in this style of training is not to just gain strength for athletics and sport but develop applicable strength for everyday life and movement.

In this program you will utilize Atlas Stones, Axels, Yokes, Farmers Handles as well as other Strongman methods in a fun and efficient way to develop key areas such as grip strength, explosive power and overall strength.

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Remember guys we have now moved this page over to Conquered Strength and Athletics! Check out the action from this past weekend.

Awesome things happening in 2015! My clients in the Strength series are kicking butt and taking names! 2015 is also a year of change on my end too. I will be changing the name of the business and unfortunately it's much easier to make a new page then just change your business name! Haha This does not effect what I offer in training, we will still be lifting heavy and moving fast using Strongman, Power lifting, Olympic lifting and field athletics to build the strongest athletes possible! The new name will Conquered Strength and Athletics, so keep an eye out!!

Our 6 week series is in full swing! Today we started with a little push pull warm up. Check out the video for a sneak peak!

Its cold, dreary and getting to the gym is the last thing you want to do, but the putting in the work, pushing through the struggle will bring the rewards you seek!