Success Stories

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James Rhodes ›

Hi, my name is James Rhodes, and I have been a member of Woodward CrossFit for a little over 4 months. Once I decided to start exercising, I needed to find someplace that would support me through the process. I identified a few things right off the bat that I would need if I was going to stick...


Daniel West ›

For as long as I can remember, I was overweight. Physical activity always seemed like this huge chore, and it was never fun. When I was in elementary school, during our schools “Fun Run and/or Turkey Trot,” I wasn’t the one running; I was the one helping at the water booth. I would always pick...

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Claire Robertson ›

Claire was very intimated and scared of starting crossfit but she wanted to go out and do something that made her very uncomfortable. Everyday was a challenge to get into the gym, not because she didn't want to be there, but just because her self esteem was low. When she started elements she...

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Stacy Kelly ›

Stacy Kelly started with Woodward Crossfit at the age of 39. She joined crossfit because a friend convinced her to go with her. Stacy had the attitude of "I will give this a try for a month or two" but what's awesome is that when her friend stopped coming she continued. A year and a half later...

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Ilaria Prescott ›

While checking out a CrossFit class that just happened to have Oleg as a guest coach teaching the snatch, I knew almost instantly that I had stumbled onto something that could seriously change how I worked out. Although I was keenly aware of my incompetence at Olympic lifting, he made me feel...

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The Aragon's ›

CrossFit is known for its intense workouts of constantly varied, functional movement at high intensities. Though, it also creates new friendships and develops relationships with its the supportive community during their experience with CrossFit training more than the workouts.

Speaking of...


Toby McCall ›

I had just about given up. My lifelong struggle with maintaining a healthy weight, the small success and what felt like the inevitable failures, was exhausting. Add to that the stress of graduate school and a career change, and I was at my breaking point. My go to excuse was "time"; the feeling...

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Todd Herzog ›

As a child, I was always active and fit. I played soccer starting at the age of 4 and was always riding bikes and playing sports with all the neighborhood kids most of who were much older than me.

Even at that early age I had lots of injuries. An ACL tear at 10, multiple ankle injuries,...

Julie Gage_WoodwardCrossFit.jpeg

Julie Gage ›

I started CrossFit about 8 months ago. I had been doing some running and boot camps throughout the summer, but just wasn't getting the results I wanted. So, I decided to give it a try, and loved it from the beginning! I love the way it pushes me, the intensity and the competiveness. I have the...

Woodward_CrossFit_Ami Groves.jpg

Ami Groves ›

Ami works out with Coach Andy at W2 at least four days per week. She has been Crossfitting for 10 months, and has two full marathons under her belt (with more to come). In her spare time, she likes to hang out with friends, run and ride bikes, and is one of the top Fiat salespeople in the...


Dianne Ferguson ›

In 2011, at the age of 50 years old and morbidly obese at 306 pounds, Woodward Crossfit II opened next to my store (Honey Bee Quilt Store). Justin Adams and Jasmine Parr came over and introduced themselves. We quilters watched out the window a couple of times as the extremely young, fit and lean...


Kanar Sanchez ›

Background- past gymnast, runner.

Where I am now- Woodward gave me confidence in myself to push through both the mental and physical struggles I had ( you can most defiantly go into the seizure story/background and how you saw the struggle to get back into it) Woodward also gave me the...


Ava White ›

I didn’t participate much in sports until I turned 35 and started running. I love running and started setting various running goals for myself i.e. marathons and ultra marathons and ran my first 100 miler back in 2005. But I’ve always been a skinny fat and never seemed to get faster. I started...


Phyllis Torres ›

I am probably different than your average CrossFitter. Exercise wasn't always a part of my life. I actually thought I didn't like it and wouldn't ever. I thought I was destined to an elliptical trainer in front of a TV or one of the many group Classes my peers had succumbed to. So boring and so...

Carlie Gromus_WoodwardCrossFit.jpeg

Carlie Gromus ›

Since I started working out at Woodward CrossFit, 6 months ago, I have lost over 15 pounds and have gained an incredible amount of strength, confidence, and endurance! I continue to be amazed by what my body and mind can accomplish every time I complete one of Matt’s workouts. The variety keeps...