Why Strongman?

With the kick off of Woodward CrossFit's first official Strongman Strength series, I felt it pretty fitting to answer the age old question, "Why Strongman?" Most athletes that come into the gym for a CrossFit class probably have no interest in doing a Strongman competition now or ever but what they don't know is the training Strongman movements provide enhances performance and power output in CrossFit workouts. Strongman training prepares you for everyday life, which is why I named the program Everyday Strongman. It can make you an overall better CrossFit athlete.

Now here me out, in Strongman competition the purpose is move an object from one place to another, or just picking up an object as many times as possible within a given time frame...sound familiar? I know the time domains may be some what different but the principals remain the same. Training strongman movements such as stones, logs, kegs, and even tires can help train the violent hip extension we all strive for in our olympic movements. Training awkward objects such as these, which are much more difficult to manipulate, make lifting a barbell easier. They force you to use the hip and achieve triple extension.

Now I've dropped a ton of knowledge bombs on you lets talk about the best reason to train Strongman... Its really freakin' fun! What other opportunity do you get to lift heavy, grunt loud, and get dirty and it be perfectly acceptable? The next Strength Series begins in February. Stay tuned to the Everyday Strongman Facebook page for more details!

"Grace" with Stones