#OgarStrong Hits Close to Home

It was late Sunday January 12th, 2014. My sister's partner, Kate, called to tell me Kevin Ogar broke his back at a CrossFit competition. There was silence on both ends of the phone.

Wait... rewind. First, let me explain to you why this hits close to home for me and my family.

About 2 years ago I was able to change my sister life forever. I lent Letty the money to get a membership at a CrossFit gym. She was hesitant at first, as CrossFit can be intimidating. Once she got the courage to get signed up she chose CrossFit Unbroken in Englewood, Colorado. On a crisp, cool morning Letty woke up and had her butt handed to her by a grueling workout. Letty's idea of health and fitness changed forever. The man dropping the knowledge was none other than Kevin Ogar.

After her morning workouts, she'd call me bright and early and tell me what she did, how strong she was, what movements were horrible, etc... She'd talk about Kevin's coaching style, his crazy knowledge, how he was able balance that with humor and challenge the athletes. It made me happy that her coach, and CrossFit, were making a positive impact in her life... just as CrossFit had for me. During her time at CrossFit Unbroken and her early morning classes, both Kate & Letty developed a quality friendship with Kevin.

When I went to visit Letty in the summer of 2012, she took me to workout and meet Kevin. He had us do this torturous thing called mobility (Alex would be PROUD!). I remember this well because we were mobilizing the IT band, and scapula’s with a softball. I had never taken mobility serious before this nor had I worked the IT band so as you can imagine, it felt tortuous. After we completed the workout of the day, Angie, I stayed there talking to Kevin for about 2 hours. I picked his brain on everything from his theories on programming, biomechanics, nutrition and even his favorite Ninja Turtle. Since that trip, Letty has always carved in some "Bro Time," for Kevin and I whenever I visit.

That Sunday Kate informed me that Kevin Ogar broke his back, it was a big deal. Not just for them but for me too. One of their personal friends had sustained a life changing injury, a guy that took time out of his day to help and educate me. Currently, they are supporting Kevin and his girlfriend Jess, by taking care of their dog Boon, as they adjust to their new life. And me...well I am doing what I can help to him from Texas. His genuine kindness and positive impact on my family's life is something I am forever grateful. Join me and be #OgarStrong on February 15th!

-Coach Rambo