Food & Accountability

"Abs are made in the kitchen…not in the gym."

Have you heard of this statement before?? Well, it is very true! How do I know? After training 10 weeks for a figure competition 3 years ago, I dropped down to a LOW and (temporary) body fat of 10.5-11%. While my kept active and did isolation strength training movements, the real results came from what I did (& didn't) eat during this time period.

First of all, I am not by any means recommending that you go and drop down to a 12% or < body fat as a female just so you can have "abs." My many objective is to clarify that your NUTRITION has a direct correlation to your body fat composition. Think of your mouth as a calorie and macronutrient calculator. Therefore, you want to be mindful and track the food, fluids, powder formulas, supplements, etc. that YOU put into your body! Can you recall everything that you put into your mouth as of the last 3 days?? I surely can't!

Now you are wondering, how do I put this into place in my everyday life? First start with using a smartphone app or write down your food for 3-5 days consistently…and i mean EVERYTHING! Next, identify your weaknesses. Do you tend to eat hardly anything during the day and then binge eat at night along with a heavy carb intake? Are you eating enough fats? Protein? Are you afraid of carbs and eating too little? All of these things play an integral part in how your body reacts to the stress we put our bodies through in the gym. We've all heard the phrase, "Feed the beast" so don't be afraid of food because you need it... just be conscious.

Next, have a "plan of action" for at least 1 day ahead if not 2. i.e. prepare meals on a Sunday or mid-week day for the day(s) to come. This is such a powerful tool to help you make healthy food choices throughout the week. Some of my favorite tools for the kitchen include: a food scale so I know how much protein I'm packing per meal and lunch bots or glass containers to store my food.

My favorite smartphone app is MyFitness Pal. You can plug in your food intake/exercise and then it tells me how many calories you have left over for that day to stay on track with your goals! This has helped me and many of my clients. We all need accountability! I have my own personal goals and meet with a trainer/friend bi monthly. Im here to help or ask one of our awesome coaches! But, make a plan, give it at least 3 weeks and see what happens!!:)

Get Fit. Stay Fit.

Coach Abby