Gymnastics Videos

Muscleup Seminar

One of my favorite movements in CrossFit is the Muscle-up. It is also the movement that I see a lot of people having trouble with, so I dedicated a whole seminar to teaching the skill. This seminar covers the false grip, no false grip, and bar variations of the muscle-up as well as the progressions to help achieve each.

Tumbling Seminar

Tumbling might not help with your Fran time but what happens when they throw burpee back tucks at us!? Got to be ready for anything! Plus I guarantee its gonna be fun! This seminar covers everything from tumbling basics (cartwheels, forward rolls, ect.) to advanced movements (standing back tucks, handsprings, ect.).

Handstand and Pullup Seminar

Handstands and Pullups are two of the most common gymnastic movements found in the WODs we do. They also create a foundation for other skills. By becoming efficient at these two we help increase proficiency in many other areas. This seminar covers handstand holds and walking, HSPUs, and both Kipping and Butterfly pullups.