Our program that is designed for all levels of athletes who are interested in improving their endurance capacity along with enhancing their mental fortitude. Whether you want to run a marathon, run a 5K or just increase your stamina we can help you exceed your goals.

"Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started." - Steve Prefontaine


  • 6 weeks: $150 for Woodward clients or $195 for non-clients
  • 12 weeks: $255 for Woodward Clients or $310 for non-clients

email: pam@woodwardcrossfit.com phone: (512) 773-4273

IWT 6 week program starts today! Email Pam@woodwardcrossfit.com if interested or show up to Woodward CrossFit by 6:10pm

Scott representing an IWT shirt! For those who don't know Scott is one of our clients at Woodward CrossFit who is battling cancer. Please send him good thoughts and healing prayers! He WILL get through this! We love you Scott!

Want faster WOD times? Looking to get more WOD reps? Need help for an upcoming endurance race? The new Iron Will Training 6-week program starts this coming Monday! Sign up now by sending an email to pam@woodwardcrossfit.com (Will charge you a 10% premium if you use Facebook comments or messages 😛)

Hey folks! You can now place orders for the APEX Performance Blade or APEX Performance Link triathlon tops (see pic) at the following site: http://custom.champ-sys.com/Login/en-US/ You will need to login as a team member with User: ironwilltraining Password: iwt2015 Then create their own account info and submit an order. The orders will be group shipped at the end of the order window, which is midnight THIS Saturday. They say production can take 6-8 weeks, so trying to give the largest window we can for the Couples Tri. We've ordered some samples for people wanting to check sizings, but they have not arrived yet. If you'd prefer to wait for the samples, we will have another round of ordering after they arrive. Just know you might not get your order before the Couples Tri.

Today's IWT workout is dedicated to Arindam Goswami aka "Swami" who passed away on 4/26/15 at 31 years young. 4 Rounds: 26 cal Row, 15 Deadlift (135/95), 31 sit-ups, 600m Run Open to everyone! 6:10pm at the OG